My Future Career


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My future career

Choosing a career is one of the most important problems in our life. Sooner or later everyone faces it. But the sooner we begin to think about it the greater is our chance to learn more about it and to make sure we made a correct choice. It gives us a goal to work towards and enables to choose a right , suitable course of study. We are happy if we made a correct choice.

The person who finds satisfaction in his work is more active, he can easily overcome life difficulties and troubles. But it is of course very difficult to choose your future profession when you are still at school. You are too young, you haven’t yet discovered all your abilities and inclinations. When we are young we usually choose romantic professions such as a cosmonaut, a pilot, an artist, etc. But when we grow up we begin to understand that to succeed in such professions one must have a great talent. That is why few boys and girls choose their profession at an early age.

School education plays an important role in choosing a career. It helps children to discover their special talents and forms their character. Very often school children decide what they want to become at the lessons. They choose a profession connected with their favourite subjects. But of course nobody is free from mistakes. You can be forced into a career path before you really know what you would like to do in future. That is why we must not be in a hurry and do our best not to make a mistake. We should think about how well we can do what we would like to do.

Because of a wide difference of jobs we should find out all we can about any job which interests us. This can be done by going to the library, by reading a lot and also by talking to adults who are good at different kinds of jobs. Very often it is the profession of the parents that influences the choice of the children. In families where parents are fond of their work, children know much about it and often choose the same profession as their parents. Some families have their own family traditions according to which children make their choice.

Perhaps the best way to prepare for any job is to get a good education, to do well at school and to learn all you can outside school. Jobs are changing and the new ones are constantly appearing. Some years from now there will be a number of new jobs nobody knows anything about today. By reading and talking to people we can learn what great opportunities are in store for us.

Profession is an occupation in which advanced education and special training is required. There are a lot of professions for example law, architecture, medicine, economics, science, etc. To master a profession we have to receive higher education.

Trade is a skilled occupation especially in handicraft. It is an occupation requiring mechanical skill. Trade schools teach different trades, for example, cooking, furniture-making, operating different machines. In such schools one can get training in any trade he chooses.

As for me I don’t know exactly what profession to prefer, but I’d like to study humanities. The only thing I know for sure my future profession will deal with creative work, may be with foreign languages. And such kind of occupation demands all-round development, strong will and great desire. I hope that I’ll make a right choice and my future profession will be interesting for me all my life.

“Every man is a maker of his own fortune” said the Irish writer and politician Richard Steele, so we must think about our future today, otherwise we might have no future at all.

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