«It must’ve been love» by Roxette


Эта песня не только поднимет настроение, но и поможет раз и навсегда запомнить, как использовать модальный глагол must в значении предположения в прошедшем времени. Текст и задания прилагаются.

«It Must Have Been Love«, (the song’s original title is “Christmas for the Broken Hearted”), was first released in 1987 after EMI Germany asked the Swedish duo Roxette to come up with an intelligent Christmas-single. But its real popularity came to the song only in 1990 when it was included into the soundtrack of the romantic comedy Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richad Gere. Especially for this film the only Christmas-referenced line in the song was replaced and some instrumentation and background vocals were added.

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Текст песни.
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